Listener Comments

Hope 93.3 and Hope 1530 WTTI Radio broadcasts worship music that conveys the culture of heaven and the heart of God. We exist to pursue and minister to the heart of God and to release it into the atmosphere.


I’m just calling to say good morning to you all, you are blessing to this state, this area, and I want to say that I hope you have a most wonderful day you’ve ever had in your life to the staff of WTTI. We love you and God bless every one of you. May the anointed be upon you today and may people that’s lost in this land be saved today. God bless you; we love you.

Listener who plays Hope 93.3 in her store.
I have a customer who is a close friend of mine who’s daddy is sick he has cancer. She came in, she was fine when she walked through the door, there was a song playing, I can’t remember what is was, she stopped in the middle of my store and started squalling. She says, “It’s going to be ok; I know now that is going to be ok because God just told me it is going to be ok.” She just cried for ten minutes straight before she could finish her transaction. She is standing in line crying and people around her were looking at her saying “Honey are you ok?” She just looked at them and said, “It’s going to be ok!” So, you can feel His presence here. You really can.

Thanks for taking my message. I want you to know that I found your radio station I live in Ellijay; Georgia and I found your radio station about 2 months ago. So, when I’m in the Dalton area I tune into 93.3. Today I was in Dalton and had to go to Tennessee. I was in Etowah, Tennessee when is lost contact. It was absolutely just a blessing! I love the music you play; I am always blessed to hear it. Thank you! Thank you! Have a blessed night.

Yes, I was delivering a load of fuel, listening to your station. A song came on, I was searching for something on the radio, and I feel like I want to be in touch with the Lord. He guided me to your station and my fingers, I was just randomly hitting scan and a song came on I was trying to find the name of the song but it’s not really that important. I’ve got your number, I’ll call back. The song really hit the spot. Your station is awesome! Ya’ll are doing a wonderful thing. I pray the Lord will take your actions and move people and spread His word. This ole bald headed, red neck truck driver, ya’ll got him this morning!

Here at this store we have been listening to 93.3 for about 3 months since I took over. Several customers have stated how happy they are to hear this station when they come in. It’s calmer, it’s more peaceful here it’s not chaotic. It just makes their day to come in and hear this music playing knowing that God is here. I’ve had several customers that have had things going on in their life, whether it be illnesses, family members having illnesses, and they will come in and we have tears. And you know we’re crying with them and their crying with us and its happy tears because they know that God is here. And they know He is reaching out and He’s saying, “It’s ok, I’ve got this.” You know we always love to play this station; we always enjoy having you with us here.

HOPE 93.3 is an amazing station that puts God first. I love the praise and worship music they play, but I also enjoy the little messages they play throughout the day. Thank you HOPE 93.3 for always reminding me what a great, loving, powerful and almighty God we have.

Love this Radio. always sound in my car

I LOVE this radio station! I keep it on in my house all day long, even when I am gone to work. It opens up the heavens with worship and allows heaven to invade my home. It is calming, uplifting and joyful. It makes me feel good all day.

I LOVE this station! The people–the music–they are so inspiring! I love the spirit of the station. 🙂

I love this radio station! I love that I know what I’m going to hear when I tune in. Their music isn’t all over the map. When I tune in, I know I’m going to get uplifting worship music. It is by far the best Christian radio station I’ve found. I love that it is local to me too! Great ministry and great music.

Love listening to this station, very uplifting!

I listen to WTTI when I’m in Chattanooga or Calhoun, or anywhere in between! I love listening because not only do I know that it is safe for my family, but I also love that the music focuses on a lifestyle of worship. With WTTI, I feel like I can turn on the radio and have an encounter with God. I know that He speaks to me through the music that they play because it talks about Him and how He feels about me. I like listening to it when I’m working around the house or when I need a little quiet time. Thanks, WTTI!!!

When I think of the radio station WTTI God’s love comes to mind. I experience His Great Love for me. Through every song, every word of encouragement. The heart of God is expressed through the commitment of WTTI which is an expression of their Love for God. Thank you for sharing your Love for God through your radio station.

I give this station a 10 on a scale 1-10. The quality of Praise & Worship music and streaming worldwide. The men who offer them to share The Word of God with all who listen. Listening daily keeps one’s mind on the things of our Lord. Hallelujah for what the Father of Light is doing with this station for the people in this area and around the world

THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHERS!!! I like the format of this station because the music focuses on worship. You can discover what is new out there in worship music with this station, and most importantly be able to spend time in God’s presence. EXCELLENT MUSIC!!!

What a great way to hear God’s voice every day. I’m so thankful for this station and the music & message they bring. It helps me to worship the Lord and to be encouraged no matter what kind of day I’m having. Thank you.

Love this radio station! The staff is so helpful, and the music is inspired! Love it! Thank you WTTI.